oyin rediscovers learning at the makerspace

Oyin Zuri is a Detroiter and has been a making at Mt. Elliott Makerspace (MEM) since 2010. Both of her children have spent time co-teaching and co-learning with her at the Makerspace. She has worked alongside her son, Jeremiah, in MEM’s “Earn-a-bike” program to build a functional bicycle out of reclaimed and recycled parts. With her daughter Ife, she learned how to silkscreen and is now assisting with the Makerspace t-shirt design and printing business. She enjoys the creative freedom that the Makerspace provides and notes that the only real rules are respect and “if you learn something, you have to teach somebody else how to do it.” Inspired by the supportive learning environment, she believes that “everybody can learn, no matter what level you’re at or how old you are...”

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