charles gets into the computer skill-sharing groove at the makerspace

Charles Carson is a Detroiter and has been making at Mt. Elliott Makerspace (MEM) since 2010. He finds MEM to be a safe and comfortable place where he can deepen his understanding of computers and networking. He sees the Makerspace as “one of the few places where everybody’s able to openly collaborate, teach and learn.” Charles is passionate about technology and shares his computer skills with countless makers in the lab and through collaborative workshops at community DiscoTech fairs and media conferences like the Allied Media Conference. In 2012, he represented MEM as a participant in the innovative Digital Stewards Program where he learned how to plan, design, engineer and deploy a neighborhood wireless network using mesh technology. Digital Stewards is led by Allied Media Projects and the New America Foundation’s Open Technology Institute. Charles thinks of MEM as “a mini-education of life and all of its components.”