organizational structure

We strive to foster a collaborative environment in which all participants, staff members, and guests are equally valued. Everyone involved has a shared responsibility to create this space.


We group our learning experiences into concentrations, which serve as entry points for those who would like to become more involved with the Makerspace. 

  • Transportation
  • Electronics & Energy
  • Communications
  • Wearables
  • Design & Fabrication
  • Food & Wellness
  • Music & Arts

staff positions

When the Makerspace is fully realized, our general operations staff will include these positions:

  • Conductor - executive direction and operations management
  • Operations Manager - general makerspace coordination, schedule management and logistics
  • Community Organizer - family engagement, volunteer coordination and recruitment
  • Communicator - general makerspace communication, media, tours, and community building
  • Shop Manager - general workshop management, including management of OpenShop
  • Fundraiser
  • Bookkeeper
  • Legal Advisor

mentor positions

As we grow, people will serve in these mentor positions for each of our concentrations:

  • Lead Mentor - deep expertise in designated concentration, preferably but not necessarily lives in the local community
  • Assistant Mentor - deep interest in learning about a designated concentration, must live in the local community
  • Teen Mentor - same as Assistant Mentor
  • Youth Mentor - same as Assistant Mentor
  • Maker-in-Residence - deep expertise and skill level in designated concentration, focused on making and inspiring others in the Makerspace

Are you interested in building your own makerspace? Check out our Getting Started page!